31 December 2008

Elizabeth and Steve Engagement

Engagement session in Addison, Texas. Wedding photos to come after February 28th!

27 December 2008

Christmas Night

Christmas Night, 2008 - my first attempt at long exposure night photography. This image was exposed for 20 minutes during a temperature of less than 20 degrees. Needless to say, the camera battery only lasted for one photo.

23 December 2008

Winter Wonderland - ice style

Two weekends ago, here in upstate New York, we had a major ice storm that left over a million people with out power. The trees were so heavily weighted down with ice, that they fell within hours, taking out power lines, cars, roadways, and everything else in the path. This photo shows the massive amount of ice, as well as the trees along the bottom bending in an arc.

20 December 2008

Laura and Neil's Wedding

Photos from Laura and Neil's wedding in Plano, Texas on December 6. Check out the photo/music slideshow for more.

16 December 2008

Sarah at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Nine-year-old Sarah made for some nice photos during my recent photo work trip in Texas. More Texas location photos to come shortly.