31 August 2010

Sarah and Hugo Wedding

People are always asking me what is the best wedding I have ever photographed. And my honest answer is always that every single wedding has something completely unique and thus memorable. Something about each one is "the best." I am going to try and honor those unique elements in this photo blog, as that is what makes each wedding both special and spectacular.

These photos are of Sarah and Hugo, who were married in Essex, Massachusetts, just north of Boston in a beautiful outdoor wedding. Hugo, an amazing trumpet player, spent much of the later part of the evening with trumpet in hand, playing with the energetic live band, and tooting his horn on the dance floor, literally.

This was the kind of wedding where I originally wasn't scheduled to stay until the end, but I decided to stay, because I knew the end would be worth the extra time. Sure enough - the wedding ended with Hugo playing his heart out on the trumpet, in the middle of the dance floor. At the conclusion of the song, he handed off the trumpet, grabbed Sarah, picked her up and took off. That was the final farewell, and it was, to be sure, memorable for everyone there. Congratulations Sarah and Hugo!

11 August 2010

Barber Shop

Barber shop photos are always predictable and cliche, but still so fun to take. Pictured here is John Le Barnes at his New Lebanon, New York shop.

07 August 2010

Julia and Riley's Photo-Booth

More photo-booth shots from Julia and Riley's Fort Worth wedding. Just had to share these gems here. The great color backdrop was designed by Julia herself. Costumes were provided. Every wedding should have this... and a fun wedding party to take advantage of it!

05 August 2010

Jill and Rob Wedding

Jill and Rob were married at the elegant Chez Josef in Agawam, Massachuesetts on July 10. A fantastic wedding all around. The DJ even had some fun light patterns you'll see in one of the photos below.