29 January 2012

Amnesty International - website and action guides

Many of my blog followers know that I do a lot of photo work with Amnesty International. In fact, now days I do much of their domestic photo work in the United States - human rights campaigns, actions, and conferences.

They have been using a number of my photos on their website recently (www.amnestyusa.org) and also for their action guides (see the latest one here).

Below are a few screen shots of some of those photo usages. You'll probably find more if you look around enough (and please do! Amnesty is a great organization worthy to check out).

Website screen shot #1:

Website screen shot #2:

Website screen shot #3:

And the latest Amnesty Core Action guide (see the entire thing with lots more photos here).

14 January 2012

Biebel-Agerbak-Bartoli Family Portraits

I like to throw some adult portraits into the mix every now and then. Kids are cute and all, but adults can be just as fun... and so smiley! Check out these beautiful smiles from a just-before-Christmas family photo shoot in Chatham, New York.