27 March 2015

Lindsey and Ben Wedding

I had the joyful opportunity to be in Spencer, Massachusetts on March 14th to capture the wedding of Lindsey and Ben at Zukas Hilltop Barn. When I met Lindsey and Ben last year, and Lindsey was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and they mentioned there would be a video games tournament and Mad Libs at their wedding, I just knew this was going to be fun.   And they did not disappoint! Not only did they come through with the games and contests, but there was also karaoke.  And people were not shy about participating in all aspects - which makes for a really fabulous and joyful time.

When the groom's cuff links are Nintendo controller buttons, the wedding cake is Cloud City, and a guest is wearing a Jar Jar Binks tie, things are just going to be fun.

Oh, and by the way, March 14th marked the one and only Pi day - 3.1415.  Yes, it was that kind of wonderfully nerdy wedding.