24 July 2013

Jill and Jim Wedding

Jill and Jim brought a great deal of joy, humor and beauty to every aspect of their wedding in Hudson, New York. With an intimate ceremony at a nearby church to the backyard reception at Jill's home, the whole day was full of that same joy, humor and beauty that the lovely couple radiated. Smiles and playful spirits surrounded every part, every person, and every photo.

Some of my favorites are below, and you can visit their full-gallery page for more.

11 July 2013

Christine and Nate Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing, so now back to the blog! Congratulations to Christine and Nate for a beautiful, touching wedding in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the Quaker Meeting House near Harvard Square. Often when I do the bride and groom portraits before the ceremony, there is an air of stress or nervousness which can affect the spirit of the photos. But with Christine and Nate, this was not the case at all. Both were completely relaxed, completely themselves, and completely happy to be in those special moments before the ceremony was to begin. Needless to say, we had a fun and wonderful pre-ceremony shoot.

Another special thing about this wedding was the intimacy of the ceremony. During the ceremony itself, guests were invited to come to the center of the room and use the crayons and markers to draw a picture for the bride and groom. Quiet, creative moments ensued as guests spent time creating some magical, moving images and words. Then, at the conclusion of the ceremony, all guests were again invited to the middle of the room to lay hands on Christine and Nate for a community blessing. It was all beautiful and so very Christine and Nate.

Now enjoy the photos!
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