31 August 2012

Jessica and Miguel Wedding

Jessica and Miguel were married on Jessica's family farm in Dorset, Vermont. The ceremony took place in a round, amidst a circle of apple trees near the house, with a backyard tent reception following. The beautiful landscapes of the farm matched the beautiful couple that were wed in this idyllic place in late June. The scare of heavy afternoon rains kindly gave pause for the wedding, just in time for everyone to dry off their seats to witness love in action.

21 August 2012

Richard and Robert Wedding

I had the joy of being present for Richard and Robert's wedding in Hudson, New York on June 16th, which was just a week shy of the one year anniversary of when the New York State Legislature passed the Marriage Equality Act. It was a truly joyous occasion to celebrate equality in marriage, coinciding with Hudson's annual Pride Weekend.

The ceremony and reception were held at The Basillica, an amazing venue just off the Hudson waterfront. The ceremony was beautiful, with all those in attendance participating in the readings. The reception was a true celebration by all accounts. The receiving line alone was enough of a party to last all night. Many, many enthusiastic smiles and greetings from the receiving line session are pictured below. (But just a drop in the bucket compared to what I captured.)

Thanks to Chris at Red Barn for connecting me with this fantastic wedding and great couple. And a shout out to Red Barn's amazing food in some of the photos below as well!

Amtrak, arriving into the station across from the wedding venue.