13 April 2009

06 April 2009

Zimbabwe and Andrew Meldrum

I heard Andrew Meldrum's story during a recent dinner at the JFK museum in Boston. He is a true inspiration of courage and dedication. Andrew Meldrum is an American reporter and journalist who covered Zimbabwe from 1980 to May 2003. In May 2002, Meldrum was briefly jailed after the Zimbabwean government charged him with violating a statute against "publishing a falsehood." He stood up to the false charge and was later acquitted, only to receive an illegal deportation order, which he also stood up against at great risk in the name of journalistic integrity. However, Meldrum was abducted by Zimbabwean authorities and illegally expelled from Zimbabwe to South Africa where he continued to write for The Guardian on Zimbabwe. A man that stands for journalists around the world. Very moving. (more from Wikipedia.)