30 March 2010

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Tiffany and Rob Engagement Session

I had the pleasure of heading down to Brooklyn for an engagement photo shoot with Tiffany and Rob a few weekends ago. We took advantage of the great graffiti art around the streets of NYC.  The wedding isn't until September, but it got me excited for the busy wedding season which is right around the corner!

20 March 2010

Wind Damage

Last weekend brought severe winds that caused a lot of damage in the area, included downed trees everywhere. If only I had our wood burning stove installed to take advantage of all the free "fuel" laying around here.

18 March 2010

Skateboarding is Not a Crime

Ironically, while photographing skateboarders for a news story about opening a local skate park to give the kids a place to skate safely, I almost got smacked by a skateboard that flew from underfoot, under a passing car, which clipped the side and shot the board right back at us - just a few feet from my head. Hope they open that skatepark soon...