27 March 2015

Lindsey and Ben Wedding

I had the joyful opportunity to be in Spencer, Massachusetts on March 14th to capture the wedding of Lindsey and Ben at Zukas Hilltop Barn. When I met Lindsey and Ben last year, and Lindsey was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and they mentioned there would be a video games tournament and Mad Libs at their wedding, I just knew this was going to be fun.   And they did not disappoint! Not only did they come through with the games and contests, but there was also karaoke.  And people were not shy about participating in all aspects - which makes for a really fabulous and joyful time.

When the groom's cuff links are Nintendo controller buttons, the wedding cake is Cloud City, and a guest is wearing a Jar Jar Binks tie, things are just going to be fun.

Oh, and by the way, March 14th marked the one and only Pi day - 3.1415.  Yes, it was that kind of wonderfully nerdy wedding.

21 August 2014

Alexandra and Reese Wedding

Two years ago I photographed a lovely wedding in Western Massachusetts (see the blog posting of Ariel and Dave). There was a lot about that wedding that stood out in my mind that I still remember to this day: the idyllic setting, the fantastic couple, the live music, and so on. Included in that memory is the Maid of Honor. Her smile was beaming throughout the entire day, and I have never forgotten it. So when I got a call from that Maid of Honor this year to photograph HER wedding, I was thrilled. I knew she'd be great to work with.

After meeting her fiance, Reese, I was sold that this was going to be one of the greatest weddings I have ever been to. Not because of the location (I hadn't been to the Portland Company in Maine before), or because of their family or friends (I didn't know any of them) - but because sometimes when you see two people's energy and spirit, you know good things are to come.

And I was right.  Alexandra and Reese surpassed my expectations. Their wedding was absolutely wonderful and beautiful - from the venue to itself, to our ventures around the area for portraits, to those family and friends I came to know.  I ended up sending them way more photos from their reception than I normally send a client, just because with their great style, spirit, and beaming smiles, there were just too many "keepers" to choose from. So I gave them everything.

Enjoy some of my favorite images below. (Needless to say, there are more posted here than usual!)