25 May 2012

Amnesty International's Get on the Bus 2012

Every year I photograph the annual "Get on the Bus" day of human rights action and education in New York City for Amnesty International USA. This year's event was April 27, but I am just now getting around to posting some shots on the blog. I wanted to get these up before the wedding season comes full speed ahead (starting this weekend!).

You can find more of this year's Get on the Bus photos on this Facebook photo gallery.

The first image here is a screenshot of the Amnesty International USA website, where they have used a photo in the design of a fundraising appeal this week.

Protest on, good people...

08 May 2012

Mina and Tobi Engagement

I met up with Mina and Tobi in late April at the fantastic Boston Gardens for their engagement photo session. The Boston Gardens are a wonderful place for photos, and I think we visited about every possible photo-worthy location within the gardens that day. There were just too many great spots not to pass up - especially when working with the incredibly romantic and into-each-other Mina and Tobi. I barely had to give them any direction because they were naturals when it came to interacting with each other in the ways that give engagement photos that sentimental and lovely feel. I must say I am very much looking forward to photographing them again at their August wedding this summer just outside of Boston!