19 October 2009

Finding God in Prison

I had another contribution to Divinity, the magazine out of the Duke Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina. Designer Regina Barnhill-Bordo did a great job with the layout. The photo is of old barbed wire at a concentration camp I photographed in Germany back in 2000. You can read their article here.

09 October 2009

Lori and Nate Wedding

The apples at Quonquont Farm were just too tempting at Lori and Nate's wedding in Whately, Massachusetts, so I found myself shooting from inside the trees more than I thought I would. But I did come out on occasion... for the fresh cider at the reception. A few photos from the beautiful autumn day...

05 October 2009

Port-o-Love at Quonquont Apple Farm

The wedding season for me is almost over - just editing my last wedding shoot now and wanted to post this jewel of a photo. More photos from Lori and Nate at Quonquont apple farm coming soon.