30 January 2009

Scenes from the Obama Inauguration

After a two week delay of photoblogging, I am back from travels and back in action. A few scenes from my time in Washington DC during the Obama Inauguration.

He attended his own inauguration. Amazing.

The marketing was ridiculous!

In trees and on dumpsters - trying to get a good view.

The Masses trying to leave The Mall.

13 January 2009

Another Embassy Bit

I just love sign humor, so expect to see it here on the photoblog when I am lucky enough to come across such nuggets of joy. This one was taken yesterday in the bathroom at the former Embassy of Gabon in Washington DC, which is now a Japanese Buddhist Temple.

08 January 2009

Embassy on a Budget

I was at the Afghanistan Embassy in Washington DC just before New Year's, and noticed that their official sign out front was attached with transparent tape. Whats that all about?

07 January 2009

01 January 2009

Philadelphia Exhibit

A photo of people looking at photos of themselves... reminds me of last fall when I had a photo exhibit up in North Dakota and a radio DJ organized a protest against my photos of people protesting. You just gotta love the circular reasoning! This shot is from the final day of my three-week long show at the F.U.E.L. Collection in Philadelphia. Pictured are Martina Correia (whose brother Troy Davis is on death row in Georgia) and Shujaa Graham (exonerated from California's death row) looking at my death penalty photo documentary project - which they are both featured in.