15 November 2011

Griet and Duncan Portraits

This photo session with Griet and Duncan was supposed to be during a crisp, beautiful autumn day. Our photo session together is an annual event now, and this time we were all proactive in planning ahead to get it done BEFORE winter set in. But thanks to a freak snow storm in late October that brought enough snow to the area to not only eat, but to sled on, we still got some great pics. (With a stress on the 'snow eating' aspect.) Of course, it always helps to have adorable, cooperative kids!

Some favorites are below, and you can visit order.scottlangleyphoto.com/teasdale-ulrich-2011 for more.

Visit order.scottlangleyphoto.com/teasdale-ulrich-2011 for more photos.

08 November 2011

Tran Family Portraits

October is the absolutely best time in Upstate New York for outdoor family portraits. The fall foliage is idyllic with the vivid colors and perfect skies. The Tran Family picked an especially great day for their family portrait session right here in Columbia County's Chatham, New York. These kids were so photogenic that it was a shoot that just could not go wrong. Enjoy the photos below, and check their full photo gallery for more.

Visit order.scottlangleyphoto.com/tran-family-2011 for more photos.

01 November 2011

New Orleans Fundraiser for NOMAF

I'll never turn down any opportunity to go to New Orleans, so was grateful to be asked to photograph a fundraiser concert for the The New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation (NOMAF). NOMAF evolved from the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to expand its mission and promise to keep New Orleans music alive by sustaining New Orleans' traditional music cultures.

The organization provides comprehensive health care and mental health/social services for more than 2,000 local musicians - allowing cost-efficient access to high quality healthcare and wellness programs regardless of anyone's (in)ability to pay.

On October 20, the fundraiser included performances by Irma Thomas (the blues hall-of-famer "soul queen" of New Orleans) and the Hot 8 Brass Band.

A few of my favorite photos are below. There is an obvious bias here for the trumpet players. That is because I played trumpet for 12 years before becoming a photographer...