28 June 2012

Sarah and Brian Wedding Slideshow

A four-minute slideshow of some highlights from Sarah and Brian's June 9th wedding at The Lenox Club, in Western Massachusetts. Individual photos to come later!

13 June 2012

Ariel and Dave Wedding

Ariel and Dave were married over Memorial Day weekend at The Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts. I had not been to The Mount before, so when I arrived I was taken back by its beauty. A multilevel stone mansion... fabulous gardens... fountains... stone walls with climbing ivy, tree lined pathways... it was all so very picturesque. I couldn't have imagined anything more beautiful.

That is, until I saw Ariel and Dave together.

These two love-birds were wonderful to be around and to photograph, because they were both so natural with each other - and so obviously into each other. So full of love (the spontaneous cuddling and kisses on the sly). So full of energy (they literally danced from table to table during the dinner to greet their guests). Such a joy to be around. And to photograph!

Enjoy these captured moments as much as Ariel and Dave seemed to enjoy them as they unfolded that day.