22 December 2009

Season's Griet-ings Portrait Session

This was my second opportunity to photography three-year old Griet for the family's annual portrait session. She often pretends that she is a dog, so the third photo is most appropriate I'd say.

18 December 2009

My Legs on the Associated Press Wire

One on the instances that this posting isn't a photo taken by, but of me. Well, my lower half to be exact (see circle). The photo is running today on the AP wire to illustrate a major death penalty report just released. Sorry you had to see the legs. Pay more attention to my friend Rachel Lawler, who is in the foreground...

For the full article and photo, check it out on Yahoo! News.

16 December 2009

Lo Boheme

A couple of photos from Summer and Mike's August wedding are now featured on the Lo Boheme website. Lo Boheme designed the bride's hairpiece. Operating out of California, they specialize in one of a kind and custom accessories for weddings across the United States. Their work is really fantastic. Check them out: www.loboheme.com.

14 December 2009

In the Bleak Pre-Winter

There has been a month-long photoblogging hiatus, partially due to me traveling recently to Boston, Chicago and Orlando for photo exhibit and presentations to high schools and universities. But also because of some internet connection issues which have hopefully been resolved. Of course having a newborn at home to distract from online communications may be a factor?

It is not officially winter yet, but the snow has come regardless. And a little rose in our garden keeps pressing on: