16 April 2013

Back from the Blog Break (almost)

You may have noticed that I have taken some time away from the blog this winter, but the good news is that winter is over, and wedding season is upon us! And I have jumped back in head first with weddings, Amnesty International events, and much, much more. I'll get to blogging about those shortly, after one more series of trips to NYC, Boston, Dallas and Austin - all scheduled to wrap up at the end of this month.

In the meantime, I am excited to announce that Scott Langley Photography will be exhibiting at the Hudson Wedding Showcase on Sunday, April 28. If you are planning a wedding in Columbia County or the surrounding areas, please come out to support this great event. There will be a virtual venue tour of Columbia County venues, wedding planning seminars, a fashion show, floral design, styling, and much more. And of course, yours truly. Come out to see us in Hudson and tell your newly engaged friends and family!

Visit www.columbiachamber-ny.com/programs-services/hudson-wedding-showcase for the details and to pre-register.