22 February 2011

Melissa and Adam Wedding at Lake George

In a mid-winter nostalgia for the warm days of yonder, I decided to dig up some photos from a previously un-blogged wedding from last summer. This wedding was at Lake George in the Adirondacks of New York. a wonderfully beautiful place. The reception was on a chartered boat, and it was a party to behold. You may get a taste from some of the photos below (think open bar). I'll post more from the party later in a 2010 recap of crazy dance floor antics. The last photo in the series features some scenes from the boat deck at sunset, and a few other boat shots. I am sure Melissa and Adam have recouped by now.

10 February 2011

Wedding Portfolio Updated

I spent the last few weeks going through literally tens-of-thousands of photos that I took during the 2010 wedding season. After much deliberation, I narrowed down my favorites, and I have incorporated them into my wedding portfolio. Enjoy this four-minute music slide-show that showcases my top 100+ photos since I started documenting weddings in 2004.