08 June 2010

Sarah and Simon Wedding

Sarah and Simon celebrated their marriage on May 22 in Ghent, New York, which happens to be where I live - and it couldn't have been any closer - 2 miles away. A nice rest before I hit the road next week for three weeks of photo work in Texas, Georgia, Boston and Washington, DC.

I normally do not do this, but because of the sentimental value, I just had to make Sarah and Simon two slideshows. The first is set to Oh Yoko, by John Lennon, which they played at their reception. The second is set to "The Soft of Your Eyes" which was written and recorded in the 1970s by Paul Levinson, the father of the groom. He sang this song at his own wedding, and 30+ years later, sang it at his own son's wedding. Not a dry tear at the reception, including myself.

So for your enjoyment, two slideshows are below.
And a few stills to complete the mix.

All photos from the wedding are online and available for ordering here.

Slideshow #1:

And for the bonus slideshow with music by Simon's father:

(with a few different photos than the one above)


  1. Scott,

    Thank you so much. You really did an amazing job of capturing this day for us. The photos are everything we could have hoped for. And special thanks for doing the slideshows with songs that are meaningful to us -- especially the one with my father's song, which, as you can imagine, has been a great hit among the Vozick-Levinson clan :)


  2. Absolutely, incredibly, fantastically gorgeous!

  3. There are many, many people in both families who are now obsessively watching these on repeat. So thank you Scott!

  4. Another fantastic wedding, Scott. I love the tradition of the song.