16 September 2011

Swetha and Chad Wedding Reception

Swetha and Chad had a wedding reception in lovely Waitsfield, Vermont at the 1824 House Inn on September 10, although their actual wedding was back in June... in India. I wasn't there for the overseas component of the festivities, but it is hard to imagine that it was more lively than this incredibly spirited and celebratory night, state-side.

With the ceremony out of the way, this reception was about having fun and enjoying family and friends. Thus, the heavy concentration on the party pics below. If you notice some mustache action going on, it was part of the props provided by the fun couple. More on that later in the next blog post.

This night was really great - so great that I even stayed two hours longer than Swetha and Chad had asked me to stay. It was just that fun. It was one of those parties where you say to yourself - just 5 more minutes, THEN I will go. And that turns into two hours before you know it. So congrats Swetha and Chad on a successful reception party in Vermont!

(for more of my favorite photos, visit their full gallery website here.)

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