06 November 2012

Lauren and Wes Wedding - Austin, Texas

I had the great pleasure of photographing a friend of mine's wedding in Austin, Texas on September 29 at Laguna Gloria. Wes married the lovely Lauren in a stunning location on the grounds of the Austin Museum of Art. We were lucky to have taken advantage of some of the areas outside for their portraits pre-ceremony, because a downpour of rain descended just after the ceremony concluded. But the rain did not dampen anybody's spirits one bit, and the night was enjoyed by all - right up to the celebratory ending and send off (see photos below). Congrats Wes and Lauren!

To view more photos, visit their full online gallery at order.scottlangleyphoto.com/lauren-wes.

To watch a 4 minute slideshow of 130 photos set to music,
go to scottlangleyphoto.com/weddings/lauren-wes/.


  1. my absolute favorite is the one you made use of the fencing behind your Groom and Groomsmen

  2. I love the photo of the groomsmen taking photos through the patio windows!

  3. I love the one of the groomsmen on the balcony and sitting on the chairs!

    We photographed our friends' wedding at the same location. It's my favorite wedding venue!