05 June 2014

Marisa and Annie Wedding - Part II

For the second, and final, installment of Marisa and Annie's wedding photos, I take you to the next-day ceremony and reception, held at the beautiful "The Barns" at Hamilton Station Vineyard in Northern Virginia. A rustic barn, an awesome food truck, handmade rustic decor, beautiful grounds, a  real country  hoe-down, a classic sparkler exit, and the most lovely, supportive friends and family... you could not have asked for anything more perfect and wonderful for these two.

I could write on and on about the joys of Marisa and Annie's wedding, but I think it summarizes my feelings best when I tell you that I was so excited to send the disc of photos to the couple, that I literally ran to the post office to drop the disc in the mail. Yes, I ran. Two miles. On foot, with the package clutched in my hands. I was that happy then, just as I am now, as I share these sacred photos with you all.

Love is a human right.  Celebrate... and dance!

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  1. Worth the run! These are fantastic. I think I have a little something in my eye...