21 December 2010

Amnesty International Regional Conference

Last month I spent the weekend down in Pittsburgh to photograph the Amnesty International USA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. Often conferences don't make for exciting photos (people standing at podiums, anyone?), but I thought I'd share a few of my favorites anyways. It was actually a terrific conference, and I hope to make it out to San Francisco for the national Amnesty meeting/conference in March 2011.

Above - Clockwise from left: Amnesty International USA executive director Larry Cox addresses the conference; Rodolfo Montiel Flores, a former Prisoner of Conscience who was tortured and illegally detained by the Mexican military, speaks with an interpreter at a forum; and a petition for Reggie Clemons, who is on death row in Missouri.

Above - Using LED lights, conference participants gathered in a park across from the hotel and held up their lights to recreate the Amnesty candle logo, as seen from an aerial view.

Above - Workshop on Islam and Human Rights.

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