02 December 2010

The Hewryk Family

I haven't been attentive to the photo blog these last few weeks, mostly due to being on the road for photo work in Texas, Georgia and Pennsylvania. But now I am back in New York and trying to catch up before the holidays roll through.

The official wedding season is over for me. Just a few weddings here and there through the winter. I will post some more summer/fall wedding photos in the coming weeks from the archives of "unblogged" weddings. In the meantime, I have lots of family and kids photos on deck too. So keep checking back here for some diversity of work, including conferences I documented in Atlanta and Pittsburgh.

But first, the cute and wonderful Hewryk family, in the Catskill area of upstate New York:

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  1. Oh I can't stand the power of the cuteness of the chubby little cheeks on that baby.